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Uncircumcised Penis: Is Sex Any Better?


The term ”Uncircumcised penis” means to remove the foreskin is the norm. Any culture around the world that practices male circumcision considers this practice, standard.

Circumcised or Uncircumcised, which is which?

All males are born with their penises intact. However, a large percentage of this population will have their penis uncircumcised, while a fair number of this population undergoes the knife. In fact, cultures around the world that practice it considers uncircumcised penis – not normal.


We’re pulling this information from, for credibility purpose.

Foreskin/Prepuce Facts

The uncut penis has a structure known as the prepuce. It is also commonly known as the foreskin. This is a double-layered skin that covers the head of the penis shaft when it is flaccid.

It is the foreskin that is surgically removed during circumcision, so that the male child/man becomes circumcised.

The decision to remove the prepuce is influenced by many factors, such as religion, parent preference, and the culture where the baby is born. Let’s take an example of what happens in the US.

Many hospitals assume it’s a natural step of the birthing process, so they will proceed to cut the foreskin even without warning the parent, unless the parent expresses her wish otherwise.

At birth and in the early ages of a boy, the foreskin remains intact to the penis head, and will eventually role away from the tip of the penis as a result of normal repeated erections.

In 90% of the male population, the prepuce will be loose and mobile by age two. However, in some cases, it might take up to 5 years or more for that to happen.

When Handling Uncircumcised Penis

The parent should never force retraction/rolling of the foreskin before the time is ripe. If the skin is forced to role back, it could result in pain, bleeding and discomfort.

Functions of the Foreskin

According to information published in, the foreskin makes up a third of the entire penile skin, and is responsible for giving intense pleasure during intercourse, because it slides up and down.

The following diagrams depict what the penis looks like, in both states. The images also tell you the look of a circumcised and an uncircumcised manhood in flaccid or relaxed state. The foreskin is also important because it serves as a cover for the head of the penis. One of the diagrams depict this as well.

Inner and the outer foreskinUncircumcised penis in relaxed statecircumcised penis when relaxedcircumcised penis, when erectErectile process in the Uncircumcised penis4

Scientific Facts

Taylor and Lockwood carried out a study of the prepuce at the University of Manitoba, Department of Pathology. Their findings were published in the British journal of Urology, and the article was titled ”The Prepuce: Specialized Mucosa of the Penis & its Loss to Circumcision”.

The study was based on 22 adults, who underwent autopsy. The ultimate result was that the outer foreskin contained an impressive amount of pleasure-stimulating nerves.

They concluded that the prepuce had different kinds of nerves, which should be treated as structural and functional unit of the whole penis. Therefore, the glans and the penis shaft itself would benefit mostly when they work together with the nerves of the foreskin.

Enjoying Sex With An Uncircumcised Man

As long as it’s clean, there is no harm for anything. In fact, oral sex, when conducted on a clean uncircumcised penis, is an experience like no other. Furthermore, the woman has more to play with when giving blowjob!

Furthermore, the type of penis shouldn’t matter, as long as it can stay hard and erect enough to bring her to orgasm.