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Immigration Kenya Work Permits, And How To Get One

Immigration Kenya DepartmentImmigration Kenya Permits To Get Jobs In Kenya

Valuable opportunities are hard to come by when you’re a Kenyan citizen. But on the contrary, foreigners may get a bump if they qualify for these opportunities, despite the scarcity of jobs available.

Therefore, this information tells you everything you need to know about how to apply for work permits needed to get jobs in Kenya.

Things You Should Know When Approaching Immigration Kenya Department

1 You need to apply for a Work permit when you seek employment in Kenya.

Your prospective employer will do this on your behalf. They are required to address the Principal Immigration Officer using the following address:

30191, Nairobi.

2 To get the entry work permit needed to apply for jobs in Kenya, you should visit this link .

3 Note that the above application form requires money in order to be processed successfully. This money should be collected at the Immigration Kenya offices. They always let you know how much and when to make payments.

Kenyan Jobs Work Permit In General

By now, it should be clear that your prospective employer will apply for the permit on your behalf. However, in most cases, these applications are never approved, unless the employer in question is able to confirm that they are not able to find a suitable candidate in the Kenyan labour market.


If you are a foreigner, make sure that your prospective employer has secured the necessary work permit for you. Then you can travel.

What About Foreign Businesses Seeking To Create Jobs For Kenyans?

As a foreigner who wants to go solo or form partnership in business, you need to obtain relevant documentation that permits you to engage in the trade, business or profession.

Secondly, you must prove that you have enough capital from outside sources to finance your activities.

And if you’re retired in your home country and still seeking work in Kenya, you will need to apply at the Immigration Kenya offices to obtain a work permit under class K. This also applies to foreign investors who may want to invest in the country as well.

If you have applied for work permit under class K, you should never accept salaried employment of any kind.

Immigration Kenya Work Permit Classes

Class A

This is a person who has been offered a specific job by an employer and whose activity will be beneficial to the country.

Class B

Any person who has been offered employment by the government of Kenya, or the East African Community, and whose activities will be beneficial to the country.

Class C

A person who has qualifies for UN jobs or any other Non-governmental agency, whose activities will be beneficial to the country.

Class D

This is someone who is a legal holder of a dependant’s pass, and whose tasks under an employer will be beneficial to the country.

Class E

Any person who is under Missionary society that has been approved by the Government of Kenya, and whose activities will benefit the country.

Class F, K and L

If your situation doesn’t apply to the above, then you definitely fall in the category of F, K and L. Check for more information on what’s required by the immigration Kenya offices. You can also use their official tweeter page on to stay up to date with the latest happenings and discussions.