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How To Treat Dry Skin Problems Without Seeing Your Dermatologist

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You can call it psoriasis if it occurs more often. However, a milder form of this skin condition will manifest in form of flaky, scaly, or ashy skin. This is outright embarrassing, and if not attended to, it may result in other medical complications.

Here’s the right way to deal with this problem.

Unlike cellulite and stretch marks, dry skin can make you extremely uncomfortable. Most people assume that this is a sign of poor aging. They are wrong because dry skin can affect people of all ages, especially women. Dry skin is also triggered by a number of factors, thus it becomes one of the most common types of skin conditions.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms

In pursuit to find an accurate explanation of signs and symptoms of dry skin problems, we sought the help of Dr. Abda Khan.

He said dry skin is an uncomfortable condition characterized by scaling, peeling, or even cracking of the skin. This happens due to loss of moisture.

When moisture is the cause, the problem can be managed. However, if these signs and symptoms are left to advance, cracks may go deeper into the skin, ultimately allowing germs to penetrate into the skin to cause other illnesses. Red spots may also develop at this point.


The most common cause of dry skin is the weather. An extreme drop or rise in temperature will alter humidity levels to cause dryness. Furthermore, if you expose yourself to ultraviolet rays quite often, it may affect your skin.

The UV rays simply penetrate the skin top layers, and into the deeper layers of the epidermis. The result is, you get wrinkles and the skin also looses its elasticity.

The second cause of dryness may be as a result of frequent exposure to water. This may be the case with swimming careers that require you to remain in contact with water at all time. Also, blame it on sweet long and hot showers or baths.

Other prominent ”culprits” that will dry your skin include certain soaps, detergents, or deodorants that contain harsh chemicals in their ingredients. They simply strip your skin of its essential oil and moisture, leaving it dry.

Dr. Khan also says that excessive scrubbing with rough sponges may cause dryness.

Age may affect the level of your skin’s suppleness. As the years go by, your skin will become dryer and thinner. This is very common among women because of the reduced estrogen levels associated with menopause.

Therefore, if you fail to conduct a thorough skincare routine, you may start developing wrinkles and fine lines.

There are also people who are genetically-inclined to this skin problem. They may experience xerosis, to its more severe form known as ichthyosis. This skin condition presents itself in form of fish scales on the arms and legs.

Dr.Khan says ichthyosis may affect the entire body as well, and mostly presents itself in two forms. They are namely congenial ichthyosis – which is more common in childhood, as well as the less common ichthyosis, which presents itself in adulthood due to cancer and other causes.

People may also encounter dry skin due to allergies. To rectify this problem, these people only need to avoid the irritants.

If all the above don’t check off, then you may also want to check your thyroid – it may be having a problem.

So, in the event that your thyroid is not functioning properly, you’ll get a generalized or localized dryness in your hands and soles of your feet. However, this dryness is treatable. You may be lacking sufficient iodine, or perhaps, your condition may be due to autoimmune malfunctions.


Dr. Khan counters the idea of using the best anti aging skin care oils. He says they only leave a barrier on the skin, but they don’t get absorbed, so their effectiveness is reduced.

Your first remedy would be to change your grooming routine. Avoid extended hot showers, and instead, focus on 5-10 minute lukewarm showers. Use mild soaps which contain added oils & fats. Avoid harsh soaps, detergents or perfumes.

Go for the best healthy skin diet and exercise. Good nutrition for the skin will give long-lasting results. Remember to moisturize. Moisturizing your skin will create a barrier which prevents moisture from escaping. You should do this every time you finish showering. Apply the moisturizer on your hands, lips and even your feet.

To help you develop a smooth skin, you can use sunscreen, baby oil or petroleum jelly. When buying these, the ingredients at the back of the product will guide you.

For instance, skincare products with alcohol, salicylic acid, perfumes or resorcinol are aggregators of dry skin. They are more suitable for oily skin.

Instead, you can opt for skincare products with hyaluronic and lactic acid to help soothe your skin and retain water. Soaps with mild chemicals and perfumes are ideal. You can also use natural or medical soaps when taking shower, because these add an extra moisture to your skin.

Anti-aging creams that promise to restore your skin’s former glory are also good. Be careful when using Retinoid creams because they can cause dryness when not used properly.

The secret is to moisturize. This can be achieved through using emulsifying ointment, cold cream base and even aqueous creams.

Lastly, if you’re suffering from Eczema, your dermatologist can prescribe anti-inflammatory creams which help to reduce the inflammation. Moisturizing properly should make your skin come back to normal. However, in the event that you encounter itching all over, it means your skin is being irritated, so it needs medical attention.