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Garcinia Cambogia And its Side Effects to Liver

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects to LiverGarcinia Cambogia has lately received attention on the media – as the number one natural weight loss remedy. Well, whether this is true or not, you may want to know how this dietary supplement affects your liver.

Garcinia Cambogia & Liver Toxicity

Because many people seek to reduce their weight using natural means, it’s not a surprise that they will often fall for anything that promises to give just that. There are lots of weight loss products being touted on the web, most of which their credibility has not been backed by scientific evidence. Therefore, it’s important that you be careful when considering to use any of the so-called ”natural means”.

The main focus of this article is on garcinia cambogia side effects to the liver. So we’re going to highlight everything you need to know about its interaction with your liver. Here’s what studies show:

Overview Information

When looking at the product database for natural Garcinia Cambogia extract, we came up with a few things worth noting.

First, it has several names you may not be familiar with. In some cases, it may be referred to as Acide Hydroxycitrique, Brindle Berry, Brindal Berry, Cambogia gummi-guta, Garcinia gummi-guta, Gorikapuli, Hydroxycitrate, Malabar Tamarind and many others.

Secondly, it’s a plant whose fruit rind is used in the manufacture of medicine. However, it’s still too early to conclude that garcinia prevents storage of fat/contributes to appetite control. Research has not clearly shown whether these effects are true or not. In other words, there’s not a single proven record to show for that.

Use this link to find out:

Research on Liver Toxicology

Some toxicology studies have shown that there is no level of toxicity or death when Garcinia Cambogia is used on animals at HCA 5000 mg/kg dose. In layman’s language, this is an equivalent of 350g of Hydroxycitric Acid.

This could also mean 233 times the maximum recommended dosage – which is 150mg of HCA per day.

There’s a rising concern about people taking this natural plant extract for weight loss purposes, and the possibility of them developing severe hepatotoxicity. (According to, Hepatotoxicity means chemical-driven damage to the liver).

A while back, a combined ingredient product of the same category consisted of 20 different ingredients. It was simply the older version of Hydroxycut, which no longer exist today.

But on the contrary, research now suggest that the is no evidence to link liver damage or toxicity to  hydroxycitric acid found in the fruit, Garcinia.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract and The Liver

In record, there’s one instant of severe liver failure when an individual used a supplement called Singulair in combination with 2 other dietary supplements, of which one contained Garcinia elements.

However, it is not clear if this is the same case as with what happened with Hydroxycut / hepatotoxicity case highlighted above.

But all in all, we can pick out some hint pointing to side effects related to the liver in some way. So just in case you’re concerned about this, it’s best that you check with the relevant health professional to assist you, or avoid the use of this supplement all together.


The idea of liver side effects stimulated by the use of Garcinia Cambogia could be valid or not. But generally, most supplements using this plant extract are safe, though you need to be carefully, just the same way you do with other drugs.

Uncircumcised Penis: Is Sex Any Better?


The term ”Uncircumcised penis” means to remove the foreskin is the norm. Any culture around the world that practices male circumcision considers this practice, standard.

Circumcised or Uncircumcised, which is which?

All males are born with their penises intact. However, a large percentage of this population will have their penis uncircumcised, while a fair number of this population undergoes the knife. In fact, cultures around the world that practice it considers uncircumcised penis – not normal.


We’re pulling this information from, for credibility purpose.

Foreskin/Prepuce Facts

The uncut penis has a structure known as the prepuce. It is also commonly known as the foreskin. This is a double-layered skin that covers the head of the penis shaft when it is flaccid.

It is the foreskin that is surgically removed during circumcision, so that the male child/man becomes circumcised.

The decision to remove the prepuce is influenced by many factors, such as religion, parent preference, and the culture where the baby is born. Let’s take an example of what happens in the US.

Many hospitals assume it’s a natural step of the birthing process, so they will proceed to cut the foreskin even without warning the parent, unless the parent expresses her wish otherwise.

At birth and in the early ages of a boy, the foreskin remains intact to the penis head, and will eventually role away from the tip of the penis as a result of normal repeated erections.

In 90% of the male population, the prepuce will be loose and mobile by age two. However, in some cases, it might take up to 5 years or more for that to happen.

When Handling Uncircumcised Penis

The parent should never force retraction/rolling of the foreskin before the time is ripe. If the skin is forced to role back, it could result in pain, bleeding and discomfort.

Functions of the Foreskin

According to information published in, the foreskin makes up a third of the entire penile skin, and is responsible for giving intense pleasure during intercourse, because it slides up and down.

The following diagrams depict what the penis looks like, in both states. The images also tell you the look of a circumcised and an uncircumcised manhood in flaccid or relaxed state. The foreskin is also important because it serves as a cover for the head of the penis. One of the diagrams depict this as well.

Inner and the outer foreskinUncircumcised penis in relaxed statecircumcised penis when relaxedcircumcised penis, when erectErectile process in the Uncircumcised penis4

Scientific Facts

Taylor and Lockwood carried out a study of the prepuce at the University of Manitoba, Department of Pathology. Their findings were published in the British journal of Urology, and the article was titled ”The Prepuce: Specialized Mucosa of the Penis & its Loss to Circumcision”.

The study was based on 22 adults, who underwent autopsy. The ultimate result was that the outer foreskin contained an impressive amount of pleasure-stimulating nerves.

They concluded that the prepuce had different kinds of nerves, which should be treated as structural and functional unit of the whole penis. Therefore, the glans and the penis shaft itself would benefit mostly when they work together with the nerves of the foreskin.

Enjoying Sex With An Uncircumcised Man

As long as it’s clean, there is no harm for anything. In fact, oral sex, when conducted on a clean uncircumcised penis, is an experience like no other. Furthermore, the woman has more to play with when giving blowjob!

Furthermore, the type of penis shouldn’t matter, as long as it can stay hard and erect enough to bring her to orgasm.

Immigration Kenya Work Permits, And How To Get One

Immigration Kenya DepartmentImmigration Kenya Permits To Get Jobs In Kenya

Valuable opportunities are hard to come by when you’re a Kenyan citizen. But on the contrary, foreigners may get a bump if they qualify for these opportunities, despite the scarcity of jobs available.

Therefore, this information tells you everything you need to know about how to apply for work permits needed to get jobs in Kenya.

Things You Should Know When Approaching Immigration Kenya Department

1 You need to apply for a Work permit when you seek employment in Kenya.

Your prospective employer will do this on your behalf. They are required to address the Principal Immigration Officer using the following address:

30191, Nairobi.

2 To get the entry work permit needed to apply for jobs in Kenya, you should visit this link .

3 Note that the above application form requires money in order to be processed successfully. This money should be collected at the Immigration Kenya offices. They always let you know how much and when to make payments.

Kenyan Jobs Work Permit In General

By now, it should be clear that your prospective employer will apply for the permit on your behalf. However, in most cases, these applications are never approved, unless the employer in question is able to confirm that they are not able to find a suitable candidate in the Kenyan labour market.


If you are a foreigner, make sure that your prospective employer has secured the necessary work permit for you. Then you can travel.

What About Foreign Businesses Seeking To Create Jobs For Kenyans?

As a foreigner who wants to go solo or form partnership in business, you need to obtain relevant documentation that permits you to engage in the trade, business or profession.

Secondly, you must prove that you have enough capital from outside sources to finance your activities.

And if you’re retired in your home country and still seeking work in Kenya, you will need to apply at the Immigration Kenya offices to obtain a work permit under class K. This also applies to foreign investors who may want to invest in the country as well.

If you have applied for work permit under class K, you should never accept salaried employment of any kind.

Immigration Kenya Work Permit Classes

Class A

This is a person who has been offered a specific job by an employer and whose activity will be beneficial to the country.

Class B

Any person who has been offered employment by the government of Kenya, or the East African Community, and whose activities will be beneficial to the country.

Class C

A person who has qualifies for UN jobs or any other Non-governmental agency, whose activities will be beneficial to the country.

Class D

This is someone who is a legal holder of a dependant’s pass, and whose tasks under an employer will be beneficial to the country.

Class E

Any person who is under Missionary society that has been approved by the Government of Kenya, and whose activities will benefit the country.

Class F, K and L

If your situation doesn’t apply to the above, then you definitely fall in the category of F, K and L. Check for more information on what’s required by the immigration Kenya offices. You can also use their official tweeter page on to stay up to date with the latest happenings and discussions.

Nairobi Water: Is It Safe To Drink Just Any Water In The City?

Nairobi waterAre you wondering whether Nairobi water is safe to drink or not?

Well, this article will give you all the insights you need where taking water in Nairobi is concerned. But first, let’s start with the basic details of what you are drinking – water!

It makes up 75% of your entire body mass, so it’s an absolute necessity to life!

Perhaps you already know how health experts recommend taking 8 to 10 glasses of h2O per day.

Therefore, this water guide will be essential to anyone who looks forward to drinking water of any kind in Nairobi, and also the rest of the world.

Water is everywhere, yet there’s not one drop to swallow

In Nairobi for instance, there are many options you can take as drinking water. Let’s sample a few of those:

(a) Nairobi Water In Taps

This is water that comes out of the taps, and is treated, processed and disinfected. Nairobi water company uses chlorine to kill germs and make it clean. This water also has fluoride in it.

While chlorine in water is not dangerous, the main concern is the by-product it releases into the treated water when it reacts with organic matter such as dead leaves and soil.

It releases a special chemical in the water, which is suspected to cause cancer. These are known as Chlorination by-products. The level of risk you expose yourself to is directly proportional to the amount of chlorine added into the water, and also the amount of organic matter in that water.

Check this information at, or see this link for more information:

(b) Distilled Water

This is any form of water that has been vaporized and then collected. This water excludes minerals and even solid residue because it undergoes pure distillation. In other words, this water doesn’t have minerals in it whatsoever.

(c) Reverse Osmosis

In this process, water is forced through a special membrane to free it from large particles, minerals and pollutants. This water is normally acidic.

(d) Deionized Water

In this process, minerals and ionized impurities are removed from it. However, bacteria and pathogens stay intact.

Bottom Line

All of the above forms of water lack essential minerals needed for healthy living. According to an article written on Health Line website, mineral deficiency can cause bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, irregular heart beat, loss of appetite and many more.

Check for more information.

When Taking Water In Nairobi Using Bottles

If you’re going to take bottled water, them don’t always assume that it’s the purest form of water. The reasons are listed as follows:

  • Some bottles may have dangerous chemicals that leach into the water

  • This is just purified municipal water, it doesn’t have essential minerals. Water brands like Aquafina and Dasani is just cleaned up town water.

  • When purifying, bottling and transporting this water to the consumer, it takes more water than when consumers get their water from a pure source anyway.

So, if you want bottled water in Nairobi, ensure that you take it from reusable plastic or glass when possible.

Mineral-rich City water

Good water should be pure, clean and filled with minerals.

(a) Well Water

This is water that is found in a borehole. Boreholes are common in most Nairobi city suburbs.

(b) Natural Spring Water

It’s difficult to find this water in Nairobi, unless you move into the near-outskirts. Genuine bottled water is tapped and sealed at the source.

(c) Artesian Water

This is water that comes from a natural spring but is transported, purified and bottled somewhere else.

(d) Mineral Water

This is water that comes from an underground source. It can either be spring or artesian water.

Bottom Line

All the 4 types of water mentioned above are mineral-rich, i.e. they have sodium, magnesium and potassium.

You need minerals in water and in food because they are essential for your adrenals. To learn more about adrenal fatigue, use this link on Body Ecology:

When Filtering Water

Whether you are a local or a foreigner in Nairobi, you can purchase these filtration types for your water.

  • Absolute one micron filtration: It eliminates all particles larger than 1 micron. It also retains essential minerals in water.

  • Ozonation: Is used by some bottle water companies to eliminate bacteria instead of chlorine. In fact, this method doesn’t change the quantity of minerals in the water you drink.

It’s better to use a filter than do without. Even if you’re using pour through filters, you will be able to remove chlorine while improving the taste.


If you suspect you’re not getting enough minerals from water you are drinking, use food rich in minerals, as well as supplements. Don’t just drink any water in Nairobi without understanding it. And if you’re using tap water pumped by the Nairobi Water Company, you can also practice basic filtration tips, and you’ll be fine!

5 Chinese Restaurants In Nairobi That You Should Check Out

chinese restaurants in nairobiNo doubt, Chinese restaurants in Nairobi are mushrooming at a fast pace, and that’s because of the influence of the Chinese people on the African continent.

Well, their presence is now more visible in Nairobi, and it’s in form of restaurants inspired by the Chinese themes. So, if you love Chinese food, make a point of sampling out what these eateries are serving.

(a) Spring Garden

This is one of the few restaurants situated on the old colonial buildings of Nairobi. You will find it along James Gichuru road, some short distance before shell oil station. The interior decor portrays Chinese aura, with its rich colours, decoration and theme.

Here, the menus you find are typical of a Chinese restaurant located in Nairobi. Try tasting the soup too. It’s super-delicious!

And lastly, this is one of the cheapest Chinese restaurants around, with meals going for between Ksh600 and Ksh1000 only – great value for money!!

Cb) Fang Fang, in Lavington

This one is also located along James Gichuru road. It has a beautiful garden, which we feel is not being exploited to capacity. Furthermore, the interior is a little bit worn down. It may also lack the kind of finishing that makes its counterpart ”Spring Garden” attractive to the eye.

Word has it that some years back, their menus tasted delicious, but has since deteriorated. So it qualifies to fall in the list of not-so-perfect Chinese restaurants in Nairobi CBD.

Cc) For You, Lavington

If you are at the corner of Ole Odume Road and Gitanga Road, you will spot it. It has a large garden, plus the staff are friendly and the food is great. However, the place is not so richly furnished, compared to Spring Garden restaurant.

You can buy food here between Ksh500 and Ksh1000 a plate.

(d) Mr. Wok, Lavington

With nice food and cozy ambiance for visitors to enjoy, this place will offer you value for money.

It’s located in Muthangari Road. The problem with this restaurant is that they’ve squeezed too many tables into a small space, making it somehow claustrophobic.

Food is good, and the price range is between Ksh800 and ksh1,500.

If you are along Mombasa Road, you will spot another branch of Mr.Wok at Capital Center. They also cater for a wide range of vegetarian diets.

(e) Yue Hai, Kilimani

It recently joined the list of Chinese restaurants in Nairobi, and it’s located in Kayahwe road (Dennis Pritt Road).

It also has a small cozy garden you can enjoy while taking lunch or dinner. They have a wide range of duck and chicken menus, which sets it a little bit apart from its Chinese counterparts. They also serve Shark fin soup in Nairobi.

You can eat here if you’re willing to spend between Ksh600 and Ksh1500.

You can also check Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi for more delicious menus.

Kissing Tips: How To French Kiss The Right Way!

The movies show it a lot, and perhaps you’ve seen it being done in public too. It’s called the French kiss, and we will show you how to do it correctly.

First though, the French kiss is one of the kissing styles that bring out the passionate side of couples. It’s a good gesture of romantic affection. So, if you’re reading this, chances are that you want to learn how to do it without encountering an embarrassing faux pas.

How to French Kiss Well – The First Step

It’s important to note that a soft, smooth and evenly moist mouth is an ideal environment to do this. Therefore, before springing into action, you need to ensure that your lips are not dry, because it will destruct your partner.

If your lips are always dry, you can make a few quick fixes.

(a) Drink lots of water, because this is a sign that you’re dehydrated.

(b) If you don’t have much time, run your wet tongue over your upper and lower lips, then press together.

Your Breath

Whether you want to kiss them the French way or not, fresh breath is required. Again, this is certainly very important because your mouth will remain open in such a kiss.

If you know that you’re about to kiss someone, take a Fresh mint gum after you brush your teeth. Also, try avoiding foods that leave bad odor on your mouth, i.e onion, ginger, milk etc.

Find A Good Moment

A good kiss is a mix of building tension and intimacy. Therefore, you should choose the right moment, i.e. when both of you are relaxed so that you can lose yourself into the experience.

There should be privacy so that people don’t interrupt your session.

Also, try and pick up clues from the other person. Whether you are kissing a girl or a boy, watch their body language keenly. For instance, you may notice they are looking at your lips, locking eyes or even sitting progressively close to you.

Eye Contact

Look into their eyes. And if you want to announce your intention, look into their lips, then back slowly into their eyes.

Women have a tendency of looking down, then looking up at a man’s lashes with the intent of becoming a little bit flirtatious.

Smile at them

A simple smile will keep it light and fun. It also makes both parties feel safe and relaxed. However, this kind of smile should be soft and genuine. It shouldn’t be a fake one, or even an intense smile.

You can smile will lips closed, so that you don’t show your teeth. This way, your smile will look romantic and alluring.

Move In

If the time seems to be right, begin moving slowly, but not too slowly to the extend of it losing its spark.

The moment they send you signals that they are ready, don’t waste any minute. Close the gap between the two of you, facing one another (with your heads only a few inches apart).

Now, this is the moment you will prepare to angle your head into the right position no matter the type of kiss.

Just take it slow. The slow approach will bring tension & anticipation. However, it shouldn’t be too slow or two quick.

When you move in slow, they will watch you coming and react by meeting their lips with yours. Again, slow means you won’t accidentally bump your heads in case the other person suddenly changes their mind and turns away.

The French Kiss

Tilting Heads When Kissing

If you meet without tilting heads, you will bump into each others’ nose. So, just tilt your head slightly. If you notice that they are tilting towards your direction, switch to the other.

However, this shouldn’t give you so much pressure. If you accidentally bump your noses, you’ll automatically adjust your heads into a more comfortable kissing position so that your noses don’t stand on the way.

Close Your Eyes

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll come across as dishonest or insincere. At this point, people are usually tempted to open their eyes and look at what their partners look like amid the throes of romantic passion.

Now, the danger of this is that you may lose the mood of kissing. That’s why it’s recommended that you close your eyes – it gives you the chance to live in the moment, instead of observing things at close range.

Open your eyes slowly the moment you pull apart. Remember not to present a stiff pucker, as if you’ve been kissing your grandmother. If you do this, it will bring non-romantic feelings.

french kiss 2

Kissing Tips: How to French Kiss The Right Way

(a) You should lightly touch your lips over the other person’s. Ideally, you should use feather-light pressure on your lips, instead of diving right away into a full-blown French kiss. See image below.

french kiss 3french kiss 4

Time to Test the waters

By now, you should have built a solid foundation for this type of a kiss – the French kiss. Give your partner a subtle hint about your readiness to move into the next level.

  • Open your mouth a little bit wide, so that the other person feels invited to make that first tongue contact.

-The next step would be to lock your lips. i.e. your partner’s lower lip should be in-between your two lips. With the tip of your tongue, slightly lick the lower part of their lip – remember this should be quick. Do it in a smooth but swift motion that lasts for less than a second. If your partner is interested, they will reciprocate.

If your partner doesn’t respond to the above steps, simply pull away and focus on regular kissing. Give it another chance.

More images on how to kiss a woman the French style

french kiss 5 french kiss 6

You can also watch this YouTube video on how to kiss well – specifically the French kiss!