Garcinia Cambogia And its Side Effects to Liver

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects to LiverGarcinia Cambogia has lately received attention on the media – as the number one natural weight loss remedy. Well, whether this is true or not, you may want to know how this dietary supplement affects your liver.

Garcinia Cambogia & Liver Toxicity

Because many people seek to reduce their weight using natural means, it’s not a surprise that they will often fall for anything that promises to give just that. There are lots of weight loss products being touted on the web, most of which their credibility has not been backed by scientific evidence. Therefore, it’s important that you be careful when considering to use any of the so-called ”natural means”.

The main focus of this article is on garcinia cambogia side effects to the liver. So we’re going to highlight everything you need to know about its interaction with your liver. Here’s what studies show:

Overview Information

When looking at the product database for natural Garcinia Cambogia extract, we came up with a few things worth noting.

First, it has several names you may not be familiar with. In some cases, it may be referred to as Acide Hydroxycitrique, Brindle Berry, Brindal Berry, Cambogia gummi-guta, Garcinia gummi-guta, Gorikapuli, Hydroxycitrate, Malabar Tamarind and many others.

Secondly, it’s a plant whose fruit rind is used in the manufacture of medicine. However, it’s still too early to conclude that garcinia prevents storage of fat/contributes to appetite control. Research has not clearly shown whether these effects are true or not. In other words, there’s not a single proven record to show for that.

Use this link to find out:

Research on Liver Toxicology

Some toxicology studies have shown that there is no level of toxicity or death when Garcinia Cambogia is used on animals at HCA 5000 mg/kg dose. In layman’s language, this is an equivalent of 350g of Hydroxycitric Acid.

This could also mean 233 times the maximum recommended dosage – which is 150mg of HCA per day.

There’s a rising concern about people taking this natural plant extract for weight loss purposes, and the possibility of them developing severe hepatotoxicity. (According to, Hepatotoxicity means chemical-driven damage to the liver).

A while back, a combined ingredient product of the same category consisted of 20 different ingredients. It was simply the older version of Hydroxycut, which no longer exist today.

But on the contrary, research now suggest that the is no evidence to link liver damage or toxicity to  hydroxycitric acid found in the fruit, Garcinia.

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract and The Liver

In record, there’s one instant of severe liver failure when an individual used a supplement called Singulair in combination with 2 other dietary supplements, of which one contained Garcinia elements.

However, it is not clear if this is the same case as with what happened with Hydroxycut / hepatotoxicity case highlighted above.

But all in all, we can pick out some hint pointing to side effects related to the liver in some way. So just in case you’re concerned about this, it’s best that you check with the relevant health professional to assist you, or avoid the use of this supplement all together.


The idea of liver side effects stimulated by the use of Garcinia Cambogia could be valid or not. But generally, most supplements using this plant extract are safe, though you need to be carefully, just the same way you do with other drugs.


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