Uncircumcised Penis: Is Sex Any Better?


The term ”Uncircumcised penis” means to remove the foreskin is the norm. Any culture around the world that practices male circumcision considers this practice, standard.

Circumcised or Uncircumcised, which is which?

All males are born with their penises intact. However, a large percentage of this population will have their penis uncircumcised, while a fair number of this population undergoes the knife. In fact, cultures around the world that practice it considers uncircumcised penis – not normal.


We’re pulling this information from http://www.circumcision.org/uncircumcised.htm, for credibility purpose.

Foreskin/Prepuce Facts

The uncut penis has a structure known as the prepuce. It is also commonly known as the foreskin. This is a double-layered skin that covers the head of the penis shaft when it is flaccid.

It is the foreskin that is surgically removed during circumcision, so that the male child/man becomes circumcised.

The decision to remove the prepuce is influenced by many factors, such as religion, parent preference, and the culture where the baby is born. Let’s take an example of what happens in the US.

Many hospitals assume it’s a natural step of the birthing process, so they will proceed to cut the foreskin even without warning the parent, unless the parent expresses her wish otherwise.

At birth and in the early ages of a boy, the foreskin remains intact to the penis head, and will eventually role away from the tip of the penis as a result of normal repeated erections.

In 90% of the male population, the prepuce will be loose and mobile by age two. However, in some cases, it might take up to 5 years or more for that to happen.

When Handling Uncircumcised Penis

The parent should never force retraction/rolling of the foreskin before the time is ripe. If the skin is forced to role back, it could result in pain, bleeding and discomfort.

Functions of the Foreskin

According to information published in http://www.circumcision.org/foreskin.htm, the foreskin makes up a third of the entire penile skin, and is responsible for giving intense pleasure during intercourse, because it slides up and down.

The following diagrams depict what the penis looks like, in both states. The images also tell you the look of a circumcised and an uncircumcised manhood in flaccid or relaxed state. The foreskin is also important because it serves as a cover for the head of the penis. One of the diagrams depict this as well.

Inner and the outer foreskinUncircumcised penis in relaxed statecircumcised penis when relaxedcircumcised penis, when erectErectile process in the Uncircumcised penis4

Scientific Facts

Taylor and Lockwood carried out a study of the prepuce at the University of Manitoba, Department of Pathology. Their findings were published in the British journal of Urology, and the article was titled ”The Prepuce: Specialized Mucosa of the Penis & its Loss to Circumcision”.

The study was based on 22 adults, who underwent autopsy. The ultimate result was that the outer foreskin contained an impressive amount of pleasure-stimulating nerves.

They concluded that the prepuce had different kinds of nerves, which should be treated as structural and functional unit of the whole penis. Therefore, the glans and the penis shaft itself would benefit mostly when they work together with the nerves of the foreskin.

Enjoying Sex With An Uncircumcised Man

As long as it’s clean, there is no harm for anything. In fact, oral sex, when conducted on a clean uncircumcised penis, is an experience like no other. Furthermore, the woman has more to play with when giving blowjob!

Furthermore, the type of penis shouldn’t matter, as long as it can stay hard and erect enough to bring her to orgasm.

Immigration Kenya Work Permits, And How To Get One

Immigration Kenya DepartmentImmigration Kenya Permits To Get Jobs In Kenya

Valuable opportunities are hard to come by when you’re a Kenyan citizen. But on the contrary, foreigners may get a bump if they qualify for these opportunities, despite the scarcity of jobs available.

Therefore, this information tells you everything you need to know about how to apply for work permits needed to get jobs in Kenya.

Things You Should Know When Approaching Immigration Kenya Department

1 You need to apply for a Work permit when you seek employment in Kenya.

Your prospective employer will do this on your behalf. They are required to address the Principal Immigration Officer using the following address:

30191, Nairobi.

2 To get the entry work permit needed to apply for jobs in Kenya, you should visit this link http://www.kenyarep-jp.com/visa/form/Entry_permit_application_form.pdf .

3 Note that the above application form requires money in order to be processed successfully. This money should be collected at the Immigration Kenya offices. They always let you know how much and when to make payments.

Kenyan Jobs Work Permit In General

By now, it should be clear that your prospective employer will apply for the permit on your behalf. However, in most cases, these applications are never approved, unless the employer in question is able to confirm that they are not able to find a suitable candidate in the Kenyan labour market.


If you are a foreigner, make sure that your prospective employer has secured the necessary work permit for you. Then you can travel.

What About Foreign Businesses Seeking To Create Jobs For Kenyans?

As a foreigner who wants to go solo or form partnership in business, you need to obtain relevant documentation that permits you to engage in the trade, business or profession.

Secondly, you must prove that you have enough capital from outside sources to finance your activities.

And if you’re retired in your home country and still seeking work in Kenya, you will need to apply at the Immigration Kenya offices to obtain a work permit under class K. This also applies to foreign investors who may want to invest in the country as well.

If you have applied for work permit under class K, you should never accept salaried employment of any kind.

Immigration Kenya Work Permit Classes

Class A

This is a person who has been offered a specific job by an employer and whose activity will be beneficial to the country.

Class B

Any person who has been offered employment by the government of Kenya, or the East African Community, and whose activities will be beneficial to the country.

Class C

A person who has qualifies for UN jobs or any other Non-governmental agency, whose activities will be beneficial to the country.

Class D

This is someone who is a legal holder of a dependant’s pass, and whose tasks under an employer will be beneficial to the country.

Class E

Any person who is under Missionary society that has been approved by the Government of Kenya, and whose activities will benefit the country.

Class F, K and L

If your situation doesn’t apply to the above, then you definitely fall in the category of F, K and L. Check http://is.gd/j468sm for more information on what’s required by the immigration Kenya offices. You can also use their official tweeter page on https://twitter.com/ImmigrationDept to stay up to date with the latest happenings and discussions.

Nairobi Water: Is It Safe To Drink Just Any Water In The City?

Nairobi waterAre you wondering whether Nairobi water is safe to drink or not?

Well, this article will give you all the insights you need where taking water in Nairobi is concerned. But first, let’s start with the basic details of what you are drinking – water!

It makes up 75% of your entire body mass, so it’s an absolute necessity to life!

Perhaps you already know how health experts recommend taking 8 to 10 glasses of h2O per day.

Therefore, this water guide will be essential to anyone who looks forward to drinking water of any kind in Nairobi, and also the rest of the world.

Water is everywhere, yet there’s not one drop to swallow

In Nairobi for instance, there are many options you can take as drinking water. Let’s sample a few of those:

(a) Nairobi Water In Taps

This is water that comes out of the taps, and is treated, processed and disinfected. Nairobi water company uses chlorine to kill germs and make it clean. This water also has fluoride in it.

While chlorine in water is not dangerous, the main concern is the by-product it releases into the treated water when it reacts with organic matter such as dead leaves and soil.

It releases a special chemical in the water, which is suspected to cause cancer. These are known as Chlorination by-products. The level of risk you expose yourself to is directly proportional to the amount of chlorine added into the water, and also the amount of organic matter in that water.

Check this information at http://www.cancer.ca, or see this link for more information: http://is.gd/WCexrW.

(b) Distilled Water

This is any form of water that has been vaporized and then collected. This water excludes minerals and even solid residue because it undergoes pure distillation. In other words, this water doesn’t have minerals in it whatsoever.

(c) Reverse Osmosis

In this process, water is forced through a special membrane to free it from large particles, minerals and pollutants. This water is normally acidic.

(d) Deionized Water

In this process, minerals and ionized impurities are removed from it. However, bacteria and pathogens stay intact.

Bottom Line

All of the above forms of water lack essential minerals needed for healthy living. According to an article written on Health Line website, mineral deficiency can cause bloating, constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, irregular heart beat, loss of appetite and many more.

Check  http://is.gd/DxiF7U for more information.

When Taking Water In Nairobi Using Bottles

If you’re going to take bottled water, them don’t always assume that it’s the purest form of water. The reasons are listed as follows:

  • Some bottles may have dangerous chemicals that leach into the water

  • This is just purified municipal water, it doesn’t have essential minerals. Water brands like Aquafina and Dasani is just cleaned up town water.

  • When purifying, bottling and transporting this water to the consumer, it takes more water than when consumers get their water from a pure source anyway.

So, if you want bottled water in Nairobi, ensure that you take it from reusable plastic or glass when possible.

Mineral-rich City water

Good water should be pure, clean and filled with minerals.

(a) Well Water

This is water that is found in a borehole. Boreholes are common in most Nairobi city suburbs.

(b) Natural Spring Water

It’s difficult to find this water in Nairobi, unless you move into the near-outskirts. Genuine bottled water is tapped and sealed at the source.

(c) Artesian Water

This is water that comes from a natural spring but is transported, purified and bottled somewhere else.

(d) Mineral Water

This is water that comes from an underground source. It can either be spring or artesian water.

Bottom Line

All the 4 types of water mentioned above are mineral-rich, i.e. they have sodium, magnesium and potassium.

You need minerals in water and in food because they are essential for your adrenals. To learn more about adrenal fatigue, use this link on Body Ecology: http://is.gd/5fjIdb

When Filtering Water

Whether you are a local or a foreigner in Nairobi, you can purchase these filtration types for your water.

  • Absolute one micron filtration: It eliminates all particles larger than 1 micron. It also retains essential minerals in water.

  • Ozonation: Is used by some bottle water companies to eliminate bacteria instead of chlorine. In fact, this method doesn’t change the quantity of minerals in the water you drink.

It’s better to use a filter than do without. Even if you’re using pour through filters, you will be able to remove chlorine while improving the taste.


If you suspect you’re not getting enough minerals from water you are drinking, use food rich in minerals, as well as supplements. Don’t just drink any water in Nairobi without understanding it. And if you’re using tap water pumped by the Nairobi Water Company, you can also practice basic filtration tips, and you’ll be fine!

5 Chinese Restaurants In Nairobi That You Should Check Out

chinese restaurants in nairobiNo doubt, Chinese restaurants in Nairobi are mushrooming at a fast pace, and that’s because of the influence of the Chinese people on the African continent.

Well, their presence is now more visible in Nairobi, and it’s in form of restaurants inspired by the Chinese themes. So, if you love Chinese food, make a point of sampling out what these eateries are serving.

(a) Spring Garden

This is one of the few restaurants situated on the old colonial buildings of Nairobi. You will find it along James Gichuru road, some short distance before shell oil station. The interior decor portrays Chinese aura, with its rich colours, decoration and theme.

Here, the menus you find are typical of a Chinese restaurant located in Nairobi. Try tasting the soup too. It’s super-delicious!

And lastly, this is one of the cheapest Chinese restaurants around, with meals going for between Ksh600 and Ksh1000 only – great value for money!!

Cb) Fang Fang, in Lavington

This one is also located along James Gichuru road. It has a beautiful garden, which we feel is not being exploited to capacity. Furthermore, the interior is a little bit worn down. It may also lack the kind of finishing that makes its counterpart ”Spring Garden” attractive to the eye.

Word has it that some years back, their menus tasted delicious, but has since deteriorated. So it qualifies to fall in the list of not-so-perfect Chinese restaurants in Nairobi CBD.

Cc) For You, Lavington

If you are at the corner of Ole Odume Road and Gitanga Road, you will spot it. It has a large garden, plus the staff are friendly and the food is great. However, the place is not so richly furnished, compared to Spring Garden restaurant.

You can buy food here between Ksh500 and Ksh1000 a plate.

(d) Mr. Wok, Lavington

With nice food and cozy ambiance for visitors to enjoy, this place will offer you value for money.

It’s located in Muthangari Road. The problem with this restaurant is that they’ve squeezed too many tables into a small space, making it somehow claustrophobic.

Food is good, and the price range is between Ksh800 and ksh1,500.

If you are along Mombasa Road, you will spot another branch of Mr.Wok at Capital Center. They also cater for a wide range of vegetarian diets.

(e) Yue Hai, Kilimani

It recently joined the list of Chinese restaurants in Nairobi, and it’s located in Kayahwe road (Dennis Pritt Road).

It also has a small cozy garden you can enjoy while taking lunch or dinner. They have a wide range of duck and chicken menus, which sets it a little bit apart from its Chinese counterparts. They also serve Shark fin soup in Nairobi.

You can eat here if you’re willing to spend between Ksh600 and Ksh1500.

You can also check Carnivore restaurant in Nairobi for more delicious menus.

The G-spot Theory: Is It A Lie?

clitoral orgasmIn life, there are myths and truths. However, we tend to believe in myths so much because we’re made to do so. Of course this extends to the female body as well, more specifically – the G-spot!

It is so unfortunate to state that this button might not exist at all (according to a study published in the Journal Urology. But on the flip-side of this, researchers say another structure is responsible for the female orgasm.

The term G-spot has been going round for ages now. It all started when a German gynecologist named Ernest Grafenberg discovered a sensitive spot on the front wall of the female vagina.

Ever since this discovery was made, we’ve been making desperate attempts to buy sex toys or even try different position to hit this magic button. Could all this be wasted effort?

Well, this is not exact. But the biggest problem with people is that when they think of the word ”button”, their minds believe it’s something that can be pushed to make women cum/achieve orgasm. That’s according to Emmanuele Jannini, a renowned professor in endocrinology and sexology at Tor Vergata University in Rome.

The study discovered that this button has been demonstrated to not exist at all, and that there’s no concrete spot on the female anatomy which can stimulate orgasm. But this doesn’t mean that nothing exists.

In case you are a firm believer of G-spot orgasm, and you actually experience it, then you need not to worry, because your vagina is never delusional. Other studies show that women can orgasm in a vast array of ways. This may include vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation, and even through nipplegasms.

According to this research, female orgasm, specifically from the vagina is as a result of a complex structure, which when stimulated, can bring pleasure. This complex structure is made of more than one spot – it’s a network of several spots interconnected together! The study proposed a new term for this, which is believed to be the main reason why women experience vaginal orgasm.

What’s Inside the Cookie Jar?

The new term is called ”Clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex. This term describes the interaction between a woman’s clitoris, the urethra and the exterior parts of the vaginal wall. This is where the G-spot is believed to be located anyway.

So, the question is, how exactly are all these things stimulated together?

Well, the researchers used an imaging technique called ultrasonography. Through this technique, they discovered that the clits was more than just that little button you’re familiar with.

The clitoris actually has bulbs interconnected on either side of the vagina. Therefore, the theory is, a man’s thrusting will have the potential of hitting the anterior of the vagina, as well as stimulate both the inner bulbs of the clits and the urethral tissues. This results in a good orgasmic experience – like the ones you see in porn videos!

Lots of women say G-spot orgasm tends to be sweeter than clitoral orgasm/climax, and this study may have explained the reason why that is so. When this is the case, more orgasm and blood flow is involved. Furthermore, Jannini says that when CUV complex is stimulated, a bigger brain reaction occurs, and this does not happen in the case of clitoral stimulation.

Now, whether we decide to coin it as CUV complex or G-spot, why exactly is it that some women experience it while others don’t? First though, it’s important to note that the male genitalia anatomy is the same across all men, compared to the female genitalia anatomy, which varies across women. This variation also occurs within the same woman, and not just from one woman to the other.

Studies continue to show that some women have a shorter distance between their vaginal opening and their clitoris. This should be a bonus for these women, isn’t it?

Furthermore, the female anatomy may change due to hormonal changes and size of their partner. For instance, their vaginal wall may naturally expand to accommodate the bigger dude, and their clitoris may swell during certain times.

The above theories explain why women may experience vaginal orgasm, or sometimes not experience it at all. It also explains why some women may experience it while their counterparts are not experiencing it.

So, what does this mean as far as your sex life is concerned?

Women can use this information to achieve vaginal orgasm. They can try different sex positions that aim at the front wall of the vagina. Effective styles include girl on top, doggy style and many more. They can try adding some clitoral stimulation as well. The aim is to extend the pleasure to the inner bulbs of the clitoral organ.

Jannini affirms that not all female anatomy is equal, so if this doesn’t work, they shouldn’t curse themselves. They need not to form ideological judgements that are related to their sex life.

Hair Beauty With Coconut Oil – Learn The Benefits

coconut oilThe benefits of coconut oil to hair are vast, you won’t believe it!

Coconut oil is perhaps the best hair conditioner you’ll ever find in the market. It’s a godsend for damaged hair because it enhances hair regrowth. So, if you want to make the most out of coconut oil where hair beauty is concerned, here are your tips for doing so.

Simple & Natural Hair Beauty

Everyone desires to have beautiful hair regardless of sex and hair type. The problem is that most of us tend to forget the very natural hair products that offer real solutions. Rather than giving in to the most dangerous hair care products with unfriendly chemicals, why don’t you just get yourself essential oils for hair growth?

This is what research has studied and found out. So, lets start with coconut oil for hair – that is our focus anyway.

Chances are that when you find out all the benefits of coconut oil on your hair, you’ll not prefer anything else!

Facts About Coconut Oil

Have you realized that natives of coastal and tropical regions always have shiny & thick hair? The reason is, they’ve embraced the benefits of coconut oil for years.

Coconut oil is the very first plant oil ever used by human beings. It’s thick in texture, and semi-solid, so it should be warmed before use. Coconut oil is used both as food i.e internally and externally. It’s used on the skin, as healthy food, and in other applications.

Therefore, to get the most benefit out of it, you need to choose pure, unrefined coconut oil, and nothing else!

Here Are 6 Good Reasons To Treat Your Hair Follicles And Strands With Coconut Oil

(a) It has been known to promote hair growth because of its tendency to penetrate deep into the hair follicles.

(b) It promotes your scalp health i.e prevents insect bites, lice or even dandruff.

(c) It moisturizes hair that’s dry.

(d) It adds shine, luster and softness to your hair.

(e) It prevents your hair from breaking, therefore one has to achieve long hair when consistent in using it.

(f) It slows down the process of hair loss.

How to Use Coconut Oil on Your Hair For Best Results

Make sure you apply it over your hair and scalp. After this, comb in so that it reaches every strand. You should warm coconut oil before applying. Massage your hair, leave overnight and wash it away with shampoo in the morning.

Coconut Oil for Hair Growth: You’ll Achieve Glossy Hair, with Extra Protection That’s Natural!

Your hair is like a tube (that’s hollow from the inside). Coconut oil gets into this space, fills it up and nourishes it to give them more body. As a result, your hair will look denser and fuller.

Other Benefits of Coconut Oil To Hair

It prevents hair damage, which occurs as a result of swelling and shrinking of the fibers. This normally happens because your hair absorbs and retains water. If you are experiencing what we call ”hydra fatigue”, then coconut oil will be able to help you.

Hair is made of pure protein. Therefore, if there’s insufficient proteins on your hair, the strands will growth unhealthy. But this protein loss can be reduced using coconut oil. Studies say it’s the only natural hair product in form of oil that reduces this protein loss.

It also retains hair moisture. As a result, your hair will look shiny and silky. Furthermore, it takes care of your hair from within, thereby protecting it from heat as well as environmental damage.

Lastly, it serves as an anti-bacteria, which protects your hair and scalp from viral infections/bacteria.

Last Words

If you think you’re ready to join the rest of the world who have embraced coconut oil and its nutrition facts, be prepared to possess your very own healthy, lustrous and long hair.

Understanding The Human Brain Memory

human brainMany people will confess that they are not good at memorizing long sequences of numbers. But the very fact that we can remember telephone numbers is a clear sign that the brain can store long strings of information. However, there’s a small trick, and that’s to break the information into smaller chunks that are easier to remember.

For instance, we would break down telephone numbers into bunches of 3 or 4 digits. In fact, it would be correct to say that not everybody else knows their credit number by heart, but it would be easier for them to memorize the digits by breaking them into fours. Some years back, a study was conducted on 14-month old children with toys. The objective was to find out if they could memorize information in smaller chunks.

During the study, two toys were hidden in a box and the other two were taken elsewhere, also hidden. The study wanted to find out how much longer the children would search for the missing toys that were not in the box. They discovered that when the toys were in groups of twos, such as two toy dogs and two toy cats, the children seemed to remember the fact that there were two of each toys, so they continued searching the box for the missing items.

This research suggested how information could be remembered. This takes us to the wonders of the brain and how it works to store information.

The wonders of our brain
When it comes to the way the brain handles memory, there are several things that take place. We categorize the memories in terms of working memory and long term memory.

Working memory
The brain’s frontal lobe is responsible for the working memory. This part of the brain evaluates incoming information and focuses on it. The information is temporarily withheld, and an evaluation is made, whether to discard it immediately or store it for future use.

Here’s an example of working memory
Let’s say we needed to add 77, 89 and 65 without using a pen and a paper. After getting the totals of the first column which would be 21, we need to keep the 2 somewhere in our mind so that we can add it to the results of the second column. In other words, working memory helps us to work faster with information compared to the time we would spend writing it down.

Working memory prevents useless or meaningless information from encoding into long term memory. It screens out peripheral input so that it rejects things such as dogs barking, vehicles hooting and so forth, while taking in only what matters. So both working memory and long term memory gives human beings priority over what gets stored into the brain and what should be discarded immediately.

Long term memory
A decision will be made to take in data for long term storage. This information is channeled to different parts of the brain and may be sorted out based on things such as smell, shape, feel, color etc. Emotions also play a very important role in memorizing information this way. The more feelings we have that’s associated with the memory, the longer we tend to hold on to it.

Can you improve brain memory
Yes, brain memory can be improved using a process known as ”long term potential-tion”. This process involves encoding information by strengthening the nerve cells. At the same time, other cells will be weakened every time one is exposed to this exercise. When you practice hard, the bonds surrounding the cells will be stronger because they get more neurons involved in the thinking and storing of data.

This creates a new network of neurons that take part regardless of what we do, so learning a new language, mastering a golf skill or math concept may feel like a walk in the park.

However, there’s a myth that has been going round for a long time; that the older we get, the more our brains lose their ability to store information. The truth is, the adult brain is always eager to learn, so it’s resilient and adaptable. To support this, a professor from the University of Kentucky, called David Snowden conducted a study called ”The nuns of Mankato”. He took interest in the nuns who lived in a Mankato convent. Most of the nuns were in their 90s and 100s, but their lives were rigorous and full of activities.

Others studies also scanned the frontal lobes of both 25 year old and 75 years old individuals, and their frontal lobes were found to be equally illuminated. The study showed that intellectual activities strengthened dendrite growth to promote more neurons in the brain regardless of age. So, what do you think?

Reading Body Language Accurately

body languageThere are literally many ways in which human beings express their attraction to people they like. But again, reading these signs correctly can range from simple to complex, so you have to be canning enough to read them the correct way, slowly recognizing clusters and progression.

If you can’t figure them out, then you are probably not reading their body language. Human beings sometimes speak without even moving their lips, so you just need to know what to look for. For instance, have you ever held a conversation with a woman for long and then, all of a sudden, she crosses her arms, and then the vibe of your conversation just shifts? Perhaps you’ll start feeling a little bit defensive because you’re convinced that’s how she is feeling. But, wait, are you reading her right or just jumping into conclusion?

Truth is, if you misread people’s body language, or better still you fail to detect them, you are missing out a great deal. It is approximated that about 80% of what we say is nonverbal. This means that looks, gestures, eyebrow movement, lip twist and many more will send a strong message out there. No wonder experts have been studying the science of body language for years, and what they’ve found is enough to help you figure out what the opposite sex is saying.

The 3 Vs
We usually communicate with people verbally with words, vocally with tone and visually with body language. Think about an individual who tries to put on a good face during their trying moments. They might say they are fine yet they frown when saying it. That’s the reason why reading body language matters. In short, these parts tell the truth even when we try hiding it.

According to experts, noticing them is the trickiest part of all. Out of a thousand facial expressions we make, so many will pass by in flashes that won’t even register to us. But you can always train your eyes to catch them, even though you’ll miss out on a few.

Facial facts
How do you learn to read the face? Start by practicing what most poker players do. They are good at nonverbal cues, so if you watch them very closely, you’ll realize that sometimes they blink too fast while licking their lips just before they smile. When they do this, chances are that they are bluffing.

According to John Gottman, who is a professor of psychology at the University of Washington and also co-founder of Gottman institute, an individual can catch even the most fleeting facial expression, though it takes practice to get it right. He says people should watch the mouth, because that’s where most of the nonverbal cues on the face comes from.

For instance, should a waitress twitch her lips to one side when you order a cheap drink as opposed to an expensive one, it’s a sign that they know they’ll be getting very small tip from you. Or let’s say you gave a girlfriend some gift and they didn’t like it, they’ll attempt to smile with their lips being the only feature on their face moving.

Now, if it were a genuine smile, her cheeks would lift, her eyes would lighten up and their general facial expression would show how happy they are.

And when you take the example of wide eyes, they may say something to do with fear or surprise. But the mouth is what will tell the difference. The mouth will drop open when one is surprised, and pull back when the same person is scared.

How the body responds to facial cues
When the face communicates, the body will also respond in mysterious ways. For example, the feet are the most loyal and honest part of the body when it comes to communicating. For instance, when someone’s feet is pointed towards you, it’s a sign that they are enjoying your company. However, if the feet is turned away from you, then it’s a clear sign that their mind is somewhere else.

Again, when it comes to the body and how it communicates, not all signs may mean what you think. For example, we’ve been told for years that when someone crosses their arms, it’s a sign of being defensive. But how about when their arms are lightly crossed on their chest, instead of being tightly locked? They may simply do this because they don’t know what to do with their arms, or they are trying to give themselves a hug.

Sending the right message
It’s a known fact that ladies will try to fine-tune their movement in order to attract men they are interested in. However, it’s also important to note that behavioral patterns associated with personality or temperament are at least 50% genetically influenced. For instance, if someone is naturally high strung, getting their body to calm down might be a little bit tricky. The best thing is that people can always learn how to use nonverbal cues even if this is their nature.

It’s also true that women have mastered this art of communicating with their body language. You might see a woman seated somewhere in a corner, say at a local pub. When you happen to catch them looking at you, they may be thinking about something which concerns you. So you must watch a second and probably a third time to be sure that they want you near them. If this is the case and you pretend not to be aware of their presence, they’ll fine-tune their body even better hoping that you’ll read the signs correctly. So if you’re not careful, you might just miss out on the opportunity to strike a conversation with them.

Bottom line is this
There are so many ways in which people express their nonverbal cues to others. But it takes practice to pick up the signs and know what they are saying. People use this form of communication because they are not confident enough to say it using their mouth. So they just hope that you’ll make out whatever they are saying. Again a little more practice can help you understand their language.

Knee Sprain Recovery Exercises To Get You Back On Track

knee sprainThe road to knee sprain recovery can be tough but achievable as long as you know what to do and how it works. It’s very easy to make mistakes while doing stretches at the gym. Furthermore, it’s easy to misdiagnosis yourself and do the wrong stretch or do the right stretch poorly because you missed it when looking up things on the internet.

Even though a simple knee sprain can take months to heal completely, at-home physical therapy is always necessary for quick recovery. This is because performing workouts on a daily basis strengthens the surrounding muscles and tissues, hence improving range of motion as well as flexibility in the injured area.

Hip flexors and quadriceps
Patients who are on a knee sprain recovery program perform straight leg raises and quadriceps to strengthen the respective muscles. Both workouts start in a seated position while placing the injured leg straight.

For quadriceps sets, patients are supposed to contract and tighten the quadriceps muscles while holding for 5 seconds. They can also perform straight leg raises by lifting their legs up, about 5 inches off the floor surface. They are supposed to hold the leg in that position for close to 5 seconds before bring it down to the floor once again.

This knee sprain recovery program can be performed in 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions on a daily basis. The aim is to strengthen the injured tissues.

Hamstrings & hip extenders
Perform knee-bend and heel slide to enhance your hamstring muscles and regain knee flexibility. When performing the heel-slide, patients begin from a seated position while legs are kept in a straight position. They gradually slide the heel of the injured leg towards them. The moment they realize they’ve reached stretching capacity, they return to the original position to repeat the procedure.

On the other hand, the prone-knee bend is performed by bending slowly while curling the injured knee. As for the hip extender workout, the process is similar to that of prone-knee bend, though the injured leg is often lifted above the floor as opposed bending the knee.

The aim is to strengthen the hamstring muscles while encouraging mobility.

Knee sprain recovery programs also consist of functional workouts that are dynamic in nature. They include squats, step-ups and single-leg balance.

When performing squats, patients stand with their feet shoulder-width apart while arms straight in front of them. This is important when it comes to achieving proper balance.

As for the single-leg balance, a counter-top or chair is used for support. The injured knee is slightly bent to avoid pain. With time, this exercise can even be perform with eyes closed.

To get started, place the leg with the injured knee on a 3 to 5 inch step while keeping the other leg on the floor. Shift your body weight towards the injured knee while trying to straighten your knee and lifting the other foot off the floor. You can perform 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions for 30 seconds.

Functional exercises aim at strengthening and enhancing the mobility of the injured tissues.

Knee sprain recovery workouts can ease pain, stabilize the joint around the injured knee, and strengthen leg muscles. The good news is, you always don’t need to purchase any equipment to do these exercises, but you can get an elastic band to add more resistance during workout.

Low Impact Arthritis Exercises That Eliminate Pain

Arthritis managementNow that you’re suffering from arthritis, it only makes sense to consider low impact Ra exercises that will get you back on track. In your program, you only want exercises that are within your limits, and those that will guarantee results.

So, if this is you, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll be covering everything associated with low impact RA exercises to help ease joint pain.


It’s recommended that you do lots of exercises because they improve strength as well as flexibility of the joints, thereby reducing pain and fatigue. Of course we know that when the pain of stiff and painful joints are bogging you down, it can be extremely difficult to think about swimming, or walking around a few lengths of the road, so we’re going to make this plan as simple as it can get.

First, we want to let you know that you don’t have to swim as fast as an Olympic competitor, or run a marathon to eliminate the symptoms of arthritis. Instead, we want to focus on moderate exercises, which can actually bring results, while helping you maintain good health. So, if this condition threatens to immobilize you, exercise will keep you moving! You don’t have to trust this statement, just do what you’ll be told in the coming paragraphs!

Rheumatoid Arthritis Exercise Plan: A very simple plan you can master and apply

Because arthritis affects a host of joints inside the body, your exercise plan should be able to address a number of areas, especially where you feel pain. We know the knees are a culprit, the elbows, even the muscles and the bones.

So, in this Ra exercise plan, you will want to perform exercises that increase range of motion, those that increase strength, aerobic exercises and many more.

Range of motion

Of course they increase your joint’s range of motion to eliminate the stiffness you’re experiencing. Range of motion is nothing more than moving your joints through their normal range, say raising your hands above your head, or even rolling your shoulders on a forward-backward movement. You can do these on a daily basis.

Strengthening exercises

They improve strength of muscles that help to support and protect your joints. For instance, weight training is a good example of an exercise plan that helps increase your current muscle strength. These ones should be done more frequently, with a day off when you realize that your joints are too painful, or when a swelling has occurred.


These are also known as endurance exercises, and they help with the overall fitness. They improve cardiovascular health, give stamina, and help put your weight in check. This way, you get more energy to sail you through the day.

They should be low-impact aerobic workouts though, in the form of walking, riding, biking or even swimming. You should do them at least 3 times a week, for 30 minutes. But you can always split up that time into 10-minutes block if that’s going to be suitable for your joints.

Other activities

Any movement is good for you. So if you find a particular activity appealing, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor about it. In fact, your doctor may even recommend that you try gentle forms of yoga or even Tai Chi. The former improves balance, and also helps reduce chances of falls. However, before going into this, make sure you tell your instructor about your condition to avoid aggressive painful movements on the joints.

Ra Exercises for Knees:

The gentle knee formula that will give results

First, you need to know how RA for the knees looks and feels like. This condition causes the joints at the knee area to become tender, swollen and warm. Even though knee osteoarthritis can cause pain & stiffness, joint pain with knee Rheumatoid Arthritis can be severe.

In this area of the body, a pouch covered with some tissue, known as synovium, lies around the cartilage. Cartilage is found at the ends of the bones that form joints. It is also the smooth material in-between that allows for movement to take place.

So if you have Knee RA, you may encounter the following symptoms:

1 Swelling/inflammation

2 Pain

3 Stiffness

4 Fatigue

5 Warmth around the knee area

Try These Ra Stretching Exercises to Help Avert Knee/Joint Pain

Lying on a mat facing upwards with both feet straight, bend one knee while letting the other one remain straight on the ground. Lift the straight foot off the ground/mat and count up to 5 before returning it down. Repeat with each leg for as long as you can.

Alternatively, you can sit on the edge of the bed or table, then cross your ankles over. Push the front leg backwards and the back leg forward against each other until you feel your thighs becoming tense. Switch legs and repeat.

If the above two exercises don’t fit you well, hold onto a chair and gently squat. Go low until your knee caps have covered your big toe, or up to where you’re comfortable. Return to standing position, and repeat at least 10 times.

In short, anything that keeps your joints busy will make an excellent workout for rheumatoid arthritis.


RA stretching exercises are the best, so avoid high-impact exercises that can put too much pressure on your joints. You shouldn’t run too fast, play tennis on a hard pavement or anything like that. Also, you should never lift too heavy weights. And just in case you’re looking for more intense workouts for rheumatoid arthritis, it’s recommended that you talk to your doctor to explore more options.


With a healthy rheumatoid arthritis exercise plan, you shouldn’t be immobilized by this medical condition. And once you make it a part of your life, you’ll realize that life is more interesting than it used to be. Pain will be gone, and you’ll realize that you have lots of energy and stamina to do whatever you want to do. So even though arthritis threatens to put you down because there’s no cure, it will never make it. RA exercises are the worst enemy of the condition. Don’t be carried away by treatments such as surgery and the rest – they might prove harmful in the end.

How To Treat Dry Skin Problems Without Seeing Your Dermatologist

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????You can call it psoriasis if it occurs more often. However, a milder form of this skin condition will manifest in form of flaky, scaly, or ashy skin. This is outright embarrassing, and if not attended to, it may result in other medical complications.

Here’s the right way to deal with this problem.

Unlike cellulite and stretch marks, dry skin can make you extremely uncomfortable. Most people assume that this is a sign of poor aging. They are wrong because dry skin can affect people of all ages, especially women. Dry skin is also triggered by a number of factors, thus it becomes one of the most common types of skin conditions.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms

In pursuit to find an accurate explanation of signs and symptoms of dry skin problems, we sought the help of Dr. Abda Khan.

He said dry skin is an uncomfortable condition characterized by scaling, peeling, or even cracking of the skin. This happens due to loss of moisture.

When moisture is the cause, the problem can be managed. However, if these signs and symptoms are left to advance, cracks may go deeper into the skin, ultimately allowing germs to penetrate into the skin to cause other illnesses. Red spots may also develop at this point.


The most common cause of dry skin is the weather. An extreme drop or rise in temperature will alter humidity levels to cause dryness. Furthermore, if you expose yourself to ultraviolet rays quite often, it may affect your skin.

The UV rays simply penetrate the skin top layers, and into the deeper layers of the epidermis. The result is, you get wrinkles and the skin also looses its elasticity.

The second cause of dryness may be as a result of frequent exposure to water. This may be the case with swimming careers that require you to remain in contact with water at all time. Also, blame it on sweet long and hot showers or baths.

Other prominent ”culprits” that will dry your skin include certain soaps, detergents, or deodorants that contain harsh chemicals in their ingredients. They simply strip your skin of its essential oil and moisture, leaving it dry.

Dr. Khan also says that excessive scrubbing with rough sponges may cause dryness.

Age may affect the level of your skin’s suppleness. As the years go by, your skin will become dryer and thinner. This is very common among women because of the reduced estrogen levels associated with menopause.

Therefore, if you fail to conduct a thorough skincare routine, you may start developing wrinkles and fine lines.

There are also people who are genetically-inclined to this skin problem. They may experience xerosis, to its more severe form known as ichthyosis. This skin condition presents itself in form of fish scales on the arms and legs.

Dr.Khan says ichthyosis may affect the entire body as well, and mostly presents itself in two forms. They are namely congenial ichthyosis – which is more common in childhood, as well as the less common ichthyosis, which presents itself in adulthood due to cancer and other causes.

People may also encounter dry skin due to allergies. To rectify this problem, these people only need to avoid the irritants.

If all the above don’t check off, then you may also want to check your thyroid – it may be having a problem.

So, in the event that your thyroid is not functioning properly, you’ll get a generalized or localized dryness in your hands and soles of your feet. However, this dryness is treatable. You may be lacking sufficient iodine, or perhaps, your condition may be due to autoimmune malfunctions.


Dr. Khan counters the idea of using the best anti aging skin care oils. He says they only leave a barrier on the skin, but they don’t get absorbed, so their effectiveness is reduced.

Your first remedy would be to change your grooming routine. Avoid extended hot showers, and instead, focus on 5-10 minute lukewarm showers. Use mild soaps which contain added oils & fats. Avoid harsh soaps, detergents or perfumes.

Go for the best healthy skin diet and exercise. Good nutrition for the skin will give long-lasting results. Remember to moisturize. Moisturizing your skin will create a barrier which prevents moisture from escaping. You should do this every time you finish showering. Apply the moisturizer on your hands, lips and even your feet.

To help you develop a smooth skin, you can use sunscreen, baby oil or petroleum jelly. When buying these, the ingredients at the back of the product will guide you.

For instance, skincare products with alcohol, salicylic acid, perfumes or resorcinol are aggregators of dry skin. They are more suitable for oily skin.

Instead, you can opt for skincare products with hyaluronic and lactic acid to help soothe your skin and retain water. Soaps with mild chemicals and perfumes are ideal. You can also use natural or medical soaps when taking shower, because these add an extra moisture to your skin.

Anti-aging creams that promise to restore your skin’s former glory are also good. Be careful when using Retinoid creams because they can cause dryness when not used properly.

The secret is to moisturize. This can be achieved through using emulsifying ointment, cold cream base and even aqueous creams.

Lastly, if you’re suffering from Eczema, your dermatologist can prescribe anti-inflammatory creams which help to reduce the inflammation. Moisturizing properly should make your skin come back to normal. However, in the event that you encounter itching all over, it means your skin is being irritated, so it needs medical attention.

Your Body Weight Doesn’t Reduce Because of The Following 6 Reasons

weight controlAre you struggling with weight control issues? Well, we’re afraid because it could take you more than just checking your calories. They say that one has to eat less while working out more to achieve results. Unfortunately, this is about to change in some people, especially those who are having trouble controlling their body weight.

So in other words, your expanding waistline may be as a result of other factors apart from the usual ”suspects” – fried potatoes, Pork meat, or hamburgers. In fact, research now links weight gain to modern environmental factors, in addition to genetics, diet and lifestyle behaviours.

(a) You don’t Sleep Enough

If you don’t sleep enough, it will slow down your metabolism. This affects the level of your hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin.

Ghrelin is a hormone that tells your stomach to demand food. On the other hand, leptin sends you signals to stop eating. Studies show that lack of enough sleep will elevate ghrelin, so that you eat more and gain body weight. The flip-side is also true.


To focus on good sleep, turn off your electronics. Get to your bedroom early. Also, avoid drugs such as alcohol, cigarette and so forth. Don’t use sleeping pills either.

(b) Hidden Sugars

Hidden sugars are everywhere on our meals. Your sports drink, breakfast cereals, and even certain brands of peanut butter have hidden sugars in them. So what?

Well, studies show that added sugars could be more damaging to your health than dietary fat. As a result, you’ll suffer from dental decay, heart diseases, diabetes and even obesity.


Make sure you read product labels before purchase. Focus on added sugar in particular. They may call it glucose, fructose, malt, molasses, or even fruit juice concentration.

(c) You’re Interested in Calories & Not Nutrients

If you minimize portions, you’ll lose weight fast. The problem is that people have become too obsessed with calorie control, to the extent of ignoring the most important aspect of what they eat – nutrients.


Focus on nutrients as opposed to calorie count. These will nourish your body with vitamins, minerals and even anti-oxidants.

(d) You’ve Been Absorbing Environmental Oestrogen

They are also called Xenoestrogen, and they are found in synthetic chemicals such as plastic, detergents, fertilizers, and cosmetics. Research is currently studying the effects of this hormone (xenoestrogen) on the human body. So far, it is suspected that Xenoestrogen could be mimicking biological hormones in the body.

If oestrogen is in excess, it will make you gain weight regardless of your gender.


Try to avoid plastic-based materials and go for glass instead. You can also invest in organic products as well.

(e) You Remain Immobile For Too Long

Maybe you watch TV, or you play games on the web a lot. This is a far cry from the kind of life our ancestors lived. You may give excuses by thinking you are too busy, but the reality is, you are not moving the way you should.


You don’t have to participate in a marathon to lose weight. Go fidgeting instead. We’re recommending fidgeting because studies show how it can burn hundreds of calories a day. This is very light workout for the lazy ones.

Anything from standing quite often, stretching, crossing & uncrossing the legs, to sitting in the right posture is fidgeting, and it will do the trick.

(f) The Set Point Theory

This theory states that our body is designed to maintain a certain weight by fighting to stay there. This explains the reason why counting calories alone will not bring results.


The only way to lower your set point is through proper diet and consistent exercise. Aim to lose weight in one week, say 1kg every 7 days.

Kissing Tips: How To French Kiss The Right Way!

The movies show it a lot, and perhaps you’ve seen it being done in public too. It’s called the French kiss, and we will show you how to do it correctly.

First though, the French kiss is one of the kissing styles that bring out the passionate side of couples. It’s a good gesture of romantic affection. So, if you’re reading this, chances are that you want to learn how to do it without encountering an embarrassing faux pas.

How to French Kiss Well – The First Step

It’s important to note that a soft, smooth and evenly moist mouth is an ideal environment to do this. Therefore, before springing into action, you need to ensure that your lips are not dry, because it will destruct your partner.

If your lips are always dry, you can make a few quick fixes.

(a) Drink lots of water, because this is a sign that you’re dehydrated.

(b) If you don’t have much time, run your wet tongue over your upper and lower lips, then press together.

Your Breath

Whether you want to kiss them the French way or not, fresh breath is required. Again, this is certainly very important because your mouth will remain open in such a kiss.

If you know that you’re about to kiss someone, take a Fresh mint gum after you brush your teeth. Also, try avoiding foods that leave bad odor on your mouth, i.e onion, ginger, milk etc.

Find A Good Moment

A good kiss is a mix of building tension and intimacy. Therefore, you should choose the right moment, i.e. when both of you are relaxed so that you can lose yourself into the experience.

There should be privacy so that people don’t interrupt your session.

Also, try and pick up clues from the other person. Whether you are kissing a girl or a boy, watch their body language keenly. For instance, you may notice they are looking at your lips, locking eyes or even sitting progressively close to you.

Eye Contact

Look into their eyes. And if you want to announce your intention, look into their lips, then back slowly into their eyes.

Women have a tendency of looking down, then looking up at a man’s lashes with the intent of becoming a little bit flirtatious.

Smile at them

A simple smile will keep it light and fun. It also makes both parties feel safe and relaxed. However, this kind of smile should be soft and genuine. It shouldn’t be a fake one, or even an intense smile.

You can smile will lips closed, so that you don’t show your teeth. This way, your smile will look romantic and alluring.

Move In

If the time seems to be right, begin moving slowly, but not too slowly to the extend of it losing its spark.

The moment they send you signals that they are ready, don’t waste any minute. Close the gap between the two of you, facing one another (with your heads only a few inches apart).

Now, this is the moment you will prepare to angle your head into the right position no matter the type of kiss.

Just take it slow. The slow approach will bring tension & anticipation. However, it shouldn’t be too slow or two quick.

When you move in slow, they will watch you coming and react by meeting their lips with yours. Again, slow means you won’t accidentally bump your heads in case the other person suddenly changes their mind and turns away.

The French Kiss

Tilting Heads When Kissing

If you meet without tilting heads, you will bump into each others’ nose. So, just tilt your head slightly. If you notice that they are tilting towards your direction, switch to the other.

However, this shouldn’t give you so much pressure. If you accidentally bump your noses, you’ll automatically adjust your heads into a more comfortable kissing position so that your noses don’t stand on the way.

Close Your Eyes

If you keep your eyes open, you’ll come across as dishonest or insincere. At this point, people are usually tempted to open their eyes and look at what their partners look like amid the throes of romantic passion.

Now, the danger of this is that you may lose the mood of kissing. That’s why it’s recommended that you close your eyes – it gives you the chance to live in the moment, instead of observing things at close range.

Open your eyes slowly the moment you pull apart. Remember not to present a stiff pucker, as if you’ve been kissing your grandmother. If you do this, it will bring non-romantic feelings.

french kiss 2

Kissing Tips: How to French Kiss The Right Way

(a) You should lightly touch your lips over the other person’s. Ideally, you should use feather-light pressure on your lips, instead of diving right away into a full-blown French kiss. See image below.

french kiss 3french kiss 4

Time to Test the waters

By now, you should have built a solid foundation for this type of a kiss – the French kiss. Give your partner a subtle hint about your readiness to move into the next level.

  • Open your mouth a little bit wide, so that the other person feels invited to make that first tongue contact.

-The next step would be to lock your lips. i.e. your partner’s lower lip should be in-between your two lips. With the tip of your tongue, slightly lick the lower part of their lip – remember this should be quick. Do it in a smooth but swift motion that lasts for less than a second. If your partner is interested, they will reciprocate.

If your partner doesn’t respond to the above steps, simply pull away and focus on regular kissing. Give it another chance.

More images on how to kiss a woman the French style

french kiss 5 french kiss 6

You can also watch this YouTube video on how to kiss well – specifically the French kiss!